OAZIA Luxury Resort Wear


After a captivating journey throughout the most exquisite destinations in the world, OAZIA Luxury Resort Wear was created for the discerning global traveller seeking a combination of substance and style.

For those beautiful, inside and out, we hand selected the finest silks, blended them with the timeless elegance of easy-to-wear, effortless chic styles and then applied elaborate beadwork and embroidery.

Most of our silk garments are adorned with semi-precious gemstones. Not only for their natural beauty, these stones have been selected for their healing properties, bringing positive and inspiring energy to those who wear them.

A special dreamy touch that differentiates OAZIA from the rest...

Garnet – a luminous deep ruby like stone, associated with career success, passion and good luck

Amethyst – lilac or purple in colour, believed to promote a sense of good judgement, encourage a calm mind and to enhance inspiration and intuition.

Agate – we selected an orange colour with energies assisting in strength during times of excessive activity. It is also believed to help bring internal peace and an appreciation for the joy of just being alive.

Please direct any enquiry regarding OAZIA Luxury Resort Wear to info@oazia.com.